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Usher Points Information

 Positive Points

  • 10 Working Shows
  • 15 Getting Cut
  • 3 Attending Socials, callouts, recruitment events
  • 1 Being a returning member each year

 Negative Points

  • -45 No show
  • -15 Cancel within 48 hours
  • -5 Tardy
  • -5 Dress Code Violation

 Usher Terminology

SelectedConfirmed to usher a show.
CutRequested a show but not selected to usher and can still be selected as a replacement usher.
LateUsher was at least fifteen minutes late to a show and was sent home.
No Show Usher did not show up to usher and did not cancel.
UC Acronym for Usher Coordinator
Call Time Very latest time usher should arrive at venue.


  • Member Information Guide
  • Callout Power Point
  • Newsletter
  • Usher Handbook
  • Loeb Layout
  • Elliot Layout
  • Usher Coordinator Application
  • Executive Board Application

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